Modern Art Brute

by Frank Bigsby

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grysom Hell yeah! I love the cover and enjoy every second of the record. I hope there'll be more soon – both music and creepy visuals. :) Favorite track: I, The Earth.
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Modern Art Brute is a person that is unable to find any signs of beauty, emotion or value in today's evasive forms of artistic expression and modern way of life.

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Special thanks to Kryštof Kříček, Gregor Von Kolofon, Martina Mulačová, dead goat & Pueblo Tobacco


released May 12, 1967

Album Art, Kryštof Kříček
Music & Lyrics, Frank Bigsby

Itz Only Smellz Records



all rights reserved


Frank Bigsby Prague, Czech Republic

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Track Name: I, The Earth
Talking to the trees
I've heard it feels good, man
Seventh spoiled sea
ain't talkin' to me, man

(earthly roar)

Walkin' by the sea
makes me feel good, man

(earthly roar)

Track Name: Cryin' Over Sun
What has happened to the land?
Batman crying over sun.
Pigs are joinin' borrowed band,
striking for clouds of blue and white.
Lizard king has dropped the crown,
now he's living n the streets.

Superman is dying weak,
all the worms are very happy.
What has happened to the land
as it's coming to an end?

Midwives hungry for french blues,
Being born and dying fast,
Steroid nuns are strong in faith,
As they're disolving their past.

Builders traveling to space,
millionaires drowned in sugar coins,
lawyers bearing cross for God,
Devil's praying for human race.

Devil's praying for human race.
Devil's praying for human race.
Devil's praying for human race.
Devil's playing for human race.

Track Name: Modern Art Brute
I don't think you understand
the truth is flying above our heads
we're traitors of the dreams we had
we fell into their pockets,
we fell into the buckets of rain

Someone said the world's not fair
Now I Know that you don't care
and you don't even think of that
you take it for granted
we've found ourselves stranded in your bed

And if we go away
no one ever follows cause we do
And if we stay just the same
no one ever cares becasue we're true
And if we paint out of frame
no one ver sees it cause its new

And if we take all the blame,
no one ever seems to blame you
And if we share our pain
no one ever feels any pain
And if we shout their names
no one ever listens cause they're lewd